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Ini dia aplikasi perpustakaan yang digunakan di STAI-PIQ Sumatera Barat. Aplikasi yang bersifat open source ! (enkripsi terbuka). Anda bisa menggunakanya juga di tempat anda bekerja atau pustaka pribadi anda! Nama Aplikasinya adalah Senayan Library Management System atau disingkat dengan SLiMS. Dari namanya aja udah keren bukan??? hehehe....apalagi fitur-fiturnya dan support-support yang ada! Misalnya ada banyak tutorial dan template yang tersedia dan dikembangkan oleh perorangan! dan tentunya semua itu dipublikasikan secara Free,,,sebagaimana motto slims itu sendiri "sebar slims hingga kepelosok negeri" 

Yach udah panjang lebar tapi mana itu aplikasinya??? 
Yang sabar dunk om...ini dia aplikasinya ! Silahkan di klik gambar dibawah ini untuk menuju link nya!
Kerenkan penampakannya???? ayo siapa yang bilang tidak keren??? silahkan ajukan alasan anda mengatakan aplikasi ini tidak keren ke alamat email info@staipiq.ac.id. Ditunggu !!!!!


As a complete Library Managements System, SLiMS (Senayan Library Management System) has many features that will help library and librarian to do their job done easily and quickly. Below are some features provided by SLiMS :
  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) with thumbnail document image support (can be use for book cover), Simple Search and Advanced Search mode
  • Digital contents/files (PDF, DOC, RTF, XLS, PPT, Video, Audio, etc.) attachment in each bibliographic record support
  • Documents record detail in MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) XML format
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) XML format for OPAC
  • OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) in Dublin Core format for metadata harvesting purpose
  • Bibliographic/catalog database management with book cover image support
  • Union Catalog creation with Union Catalog Server
  • Serial publication control
  • Federated search engine creation with Nayanes
  • Document items (book copies) management with barcode support
  • Master Files management to manages document referential data such as GMD, Collection Types, Publishers, Authors, Locations, Authors and Suppliers
  • Circulation support with following sub-features :
    • Loan and Return transaction
    • Collections reservation
    • Quick return
    • Configurable and flexible Loan Rules
    • Membership management
    • Stock Taking module to help Stock Op name process in library
    • Reporting and Statistics
  • System modules with following sub-features :
    • Global system configuration
    • Modules management
    • Application Users and Groups management
    • Holiday settings
    • Barcodes generator utility
    • Database backup utility
  • Responsive user interface
  • 3rd party bibliographic records indexing support with Sphinx Search and MongoDB

Download Page Senayan (source)

SLiMS 7 (Cendana)
(Linux/UNIX compatible source)
(TAR.GZ MD5SUM, TAR.GZ SHA1SUM), 21 November 2013
Features related:
Added: Persian translation
Added: Cendana Responsive template
Added: Comment field in OPAC
Added: Membercard generator by Jushadi
Added: Tooltip in New Bibliography field
Added: New theme for SLiMS 7 Cendana
Added: Label, barcode, and member card settings from within the SLiMS adminstration page
Added: Keyword suggestion using Enchant library
Added: Since Meranti, Google voice search in OPAC using Google Chrome browser
Added: Google voice search for search in OPAC with Google Chrome browser using mobile device
Fixed: Bugs in Custom Reports
Fixed: LDAP auth error
Modified: Type ahead value for Publisher, Publishing Place, Classification
SLiMS 5 (Meranti) (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 12 September 2012
Features related:
Added: self-healing for corrupted database.
Added: Web-based SLiMS installer
Added: New Template for Admin and OPAC. For old templates can be downloaded from https://github.com/slimstemplate.
Added: Z39.50 SRU: Search/Retrieval via URL
Added: OAI/PMH support (server).
Added: Statement of Responbility field in bibliographic form.
Added: Item(s) code generator
Added: Integrated Classification in Subject field
Added: Catalog card printing
Added: Search result clustering :)
Added: Brazilian Portuguise language
Added: remove orphaned publisher and place
Added: Import MARC data
Added: Member photo capture foto directly from membership form.
Added: keyboard shortcut to modules and submodules.
Added: option to not counting fines in holiday.
Added: Alternative to barcode printing using zend barcode
Added: Improvised mobile apps view
Fixed: Bugs in import/export of bibliographic and item data.
Fixed: Missing filter in item usage statistics on Reporting module
Fixed: Bugs in XML result
SLiMS/Senayan 3 Stable15 (Matoa) (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 25 Agustus 2011
Features related:
- Fixed: Loan receipt always pop even when there are no circulation transactions
- Added: User no need to modify sysconfig.inc.php to make local customization. It is also not recommended. Use sysconfig.local.inc.php instead.
- Added: Download Loan History and current loan for member (in member login).
- Fixed: improve image viewer handling using OpenHTMLpop.
- Added: lib/minigalnano/createthumb.php for alternative in thumbnail generating to phpThumb. Including modify it to meet slims need: flexible width/height resize and caching.
- Added: UCS is now separated package from SLiMS distribution.
- Fixed: remove UCS variables from SLiMS distribution.
- Added: Author and Topic/Subject structure changes.
- Fixed: change unique key for master topic table.
- Fixed: add author year field for author master table in SQL install script.
- Fixed: install and upgrade script fix.
- Fixed: change classification to call number in item list.
- Fixed: update SQL statement in biblio for publish_year and year in search_biblio.
- Fixed: change 'series' to series_title in install/senayan/sql for search_biblio Table.
- Fixed: biblio index error on series title search.
- Fixed: upgrade script for stable15.
- Fixed: search error on publisher.
- Fixed: ajax history error after saving data and causing wrong page to display.
- Fixed: error on system backup because of already defined constant.
- Fixed: removing urlencode function usage.
- Fixed: bugs fixing for series_title in custom frontpage.
- Added: improve XML mods based support in SLiMS.
- Added: Add tools for searching orphaned topic/author in masterfile module.
- Added: Add Email support for sending notification in due date warning and overdue list (using PHPMailer Library).
- Added: Thai language.
- Added: Bengali Language.
- Added: 74% arabic translation.
- Fixed: terrafirma template and language file (id_ID).
- Fixed: AJAX circuation error on circulation transaction.
- Fixed: birthdate exp on membership.
- Added: update security.
- Added: set item status to missing when finishing stocktake.
Senayan 3 Stable14 (Seulanga) (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 5 Juni 2010, 24 Juni 2010 (patch1)
Features related:
- Fixed : Expiration date checking in membership management & circulation transaction.
- Fixed : Print receipt in circulation transaction.
- Added : Union Catalogue Server (more stable for production use)
- Added : Peer-to-peer cataloging service
- Added : Custom fields for bibliographic data/Bibliography module (experimental)
- Added : Custom fields for membership data/Membership module (experimental)
Senayan 3 Stable13 Patch 2 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 24 Maret 2010
Features related:
- Fixed : Loan by classification reporting for non-decimal class
- Fixed : OPAC search error when searching with GMD or Collection type containing more than one word
- Fixed : Non-decimal class total titles and items in Custom Recapitulation reporting
- Fixed : Holiday calculation bugs in Circulation (critical)
- Added : Espanol/Spanish translation (Jhon Felipe Urrego Mejia)
- Added : Arabic translation (Rasyid Ridho)
- Added : SWF Document Viewer
- Added : Circulation transaction receipt when transaction is finished
- Added : Bibliographic item data export and import features
- Added : Union Catalogue Server (experimental)
Senayan 3 Stable12 Patch 3 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 10 Desember 2009
Features related:
- Added : Member login in OPAC
- Added : File download limitation based on Member type
- Added : new public template (igos & terrafirma)
- Added : new admin template (igos)
Senayan 3 Stable11 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 17 Oktober 2009
Features related:
- Added : Change Loan Date and Due Date manually in circulation transaction (if enabled)
- Added : Replaced language constants with gettext (thanks a lot to Tobias Zeumer).
- Added : German SQL (translates all default data).
Senayan3-stable9 telah dirilis dan bisa didownload di http://senayan.diknas.go.id/web/?q=node/1. Perbaikannya antara lain:
- Added : Stock Take, List only item for current logged in user in current stock take and Upload item code list.
- Added : Label on Bibliographic records can have URL.
- Added : German translations from Tobias Zeumer.
- Added : security enhancement for language switch in sysconfig.
- Fixed : Some Javascripts code optimized.
- Fixed : date handling on holiday settings.
- Fixed : Biblio detail metadata notes field is now HTML stripped in OPAC's record detail
- Fixed : Skip stock take on item status not working when Stock take initialize.
- Fixed : Paging in loan rules.
- Fixed : Forcing UTF8 for MySQL/HTTP
- Fixed : Session cookies revision.
- Fixed : Simbio Form Table.
- Fixed : Fines list bugs in circulation.
- Fixed : Optimized OPAC's search engine.
- Fixed : Custom reports date filter.
- Fixed : AJAX error in Item Barcode Generator.
- Fixed : Mobile browser detection utility
- Fixed : many untranslated string, thanks to Tobias Zeumer
Senayan 3 Stable10 - Patch1 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 22 Juli 2009
Features related:
- New feature: MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) XML format
- New feature: Z3950 bibliographic data service
- New feature: Multimedia viewer
- New feature: multiple file upload
- New feature: booleans operator in OPAC and bibliography
- Improvement: Enhanced advanced search
- Bugs fixing: duplicate item code warning in Item data form
- Improvement: New Custom Report - Item Usage and Loan By Class
- Improvement: Record number to show option in custom reports
- New feature: PHP-based template system
- New feature: Robots support for third-party indexing engine
- New feature: Serial control management
- Bugs fixing: in stocktaking for location filter
- New Feature: Mobile browsing support
Senayan 3 Stable9 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 7 April 2009
Features related:
- A lot of improvements related with security issues.
- Added new security patch using Apache .htaccess. So it means that it only works with Apache web server. So it is recomended to use Senayan with Apache web server.
- Added new security patches in AJAX request in item_list.
- Some options to add more advanced AJAX Security.
- Option to custom base url on search result (useful to implement filesystem-based web caching)
- Simple content management system to create non-collection information
- Options to customize senayan OPAC frontpage
- Features to promote collections to frontpage
- Feature to add header info only in frontpage
- Bugs fixing in printing customization
- Bugs fixing in displaying background image for some template
- Added new template (invention)
Senayan 3 Stable8 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 14 Maret 2009
Features related:
- Added new custom result field in OPAC search result
- Bug fixed in security vulnerability, enable attacker to inject HTML in OPAC search query and XSS attack
- New reporting summary based on class and staff activities
- Feature for duplicating call number to data item.
- Printing membership card.
- Configurable label, barcode, and membership card printing per template.
- Bug fixing in expiry of collection reservation.
Senayan 3 Stable7 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 13 Januari 2009
Features related:
- Added new holiday date range in Holiday Setting
- Added new CLEAR LOGS for clearing full/bloated System Log
- Added new Inventory Code field in item data form
- Added new Currency field in item data form
- Improved document label and barcode printing
- Bug fixed on Javascript AJAX Drop down menu
- Feature of for saving logs
- Bug fixed in searching item for checked-out item list.
- Bug fixed in importing bibliographic data
- Bug fixed in printing call number label
- Added new filter in reporting
- Added new reservation list (circulation)
Senayan 3 Stable6 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 21 September 2008
Features related:
- Bug fixed for changing template from global configuration interface
Senayan 3 Stable5 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 18 Agustus 2008
Feature related:
- Improvement in javascript codes
- Template file and CSS refinements
- Improvement in record detail for showing item list and its due date
- Improvement on bootstrap file (index.php) behaviour
- Added new template "blue" by Eddy Subratha
- Improvement holiday count in overdue
- Added new Implementation of overdue grace periode for circulation
- Bug fixed on backup proccess for wrong paging library inclusion
- Update in translation by Wardiyono (wynerst@gmail.com)
- Added new version information
- Improvement in AJAX handling for drop down box
- Added New Grace Periode for overdue on circulation
- Added New Language selection in OPAC
- Added New OPAC template "blue" by Eddy Subratha
- Improvement in default templates
Senayan 3 Stable4 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 1 Juni 2008
Features related:
- Fixed bug in paging
- Improved login sessions handling
- Fixed bug when search at overdue list on circulation module
- Fixed bug in holiday year
- multi-language support (80% finished)
Senayan 3 Stable3 (MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 24 April 2008
Features related:
- Better support for Secure connection (configurable SSL activation)
- Fixed bug in changing user profile for administrator
- Fixed bug in overdue warnings at admin home page for not showing the right counts
- Fixed bug on sessions timeout handling
- Fixed bug on upload error because of filename contain single or double quote characters
- Fixed bug on checking ID field for showing FORBIDDEN ACCESS when others computer trying set ID Field in form
- Fixed bug on print counters for Label Prints and Item Barcodes Print
- Fixed bug in deleting collection type
- Fixed bug in string handling
- Added new in Circulation transaction, Fines values automatically displayed in Loan List, without having to return
  or extend loan first
- Added new Subject, Series Title in OPAC's Record Detail
- Added new in OPAC's Record Detail, Each Author Name and Subject Term are hyperlinked to related document
- Added new master file document language
- Added new expired member list in membership module
- Added new improvement in security handling
- Added new authority level for Author and Topic/Subject
- Added new improvement on bibliographic import and export tools
- Added new improvement on stock take modules
- SQL script for upgrading the database structure from stable2 to stable3
Senayan 3 Stable2 (MD5SUM), 21 Maret 2008
Features related:
- Fixed bug in changing user profile for empty password
- Fixed bug in record detail for not showing GMD/Medium data
- Fixed bug in green OPAC template
- Fixed bug in Reporting module at Membership section
- Fixed bug in login proccess for User that belongs to any User Group
- Fixed bug in System Logs's searching
- Fixed bug in Stock Take's searching
- Added new overdue warnings at admin home page
- Added new warnings for ON LOAN or INVALID item code
- Added new Detail for stock take history

Senayan 3 Stable1 (MD5SUM), 13 Maret 2008
Features related :
- New built-in system logs.
- New features and bugs fixed on templating system.
- New Document Labels printing on "bibliographic" module, based on Call Number.
- New Item barcode generator printing on "bibliographic" module.
- New Partial stock taking proccess on "stock_take" module.
- New overdue detail in Overdue list on "circulation" module.
- New Item Status mode allow you to set certain action for some Item Status, such as "Loan Forbid".
- New Login Session timeout.
- Few new options in global configuration options.
- Warning system in admin home for some application settings.
- Bugs fixed on "master_file" module.
- Bugs fixed on "stock_take" module.
- Bugs fixed on "system" module.
- Bugs fixed on security issues.
- Bugs fixed on many part of circulation module.
- Added "Location" and "Availaibility" field in OPACs record detail.
- Added "location" field for advanced search in OPAC to narrow search scope in specific location.
- Added "size" option in Barcode generator.
Database related :
- Added new "member_since_date" field in "member" table.
- Added new "source" field in "item" table.
- Added new "report_file" field in "stock_take" table.
- New table "system_log" in database for storing system logs.
- "publish_place" field changed to "publish_place_id" (foreign key to mst_place table) field in "biblio" table.
- Re-ordering of "input_date" and "last_update" fields in "biblio" table.

Portable Senayan (For Windows)

Portable SLiMS/psenayan-7-Cendana (based on slims7-cendana), 21 November 2013
Portable SLiMS/psenayan-5-update3(Meranti) (based on SLiMS/senayan5/Meranti, 2013
Portable SLiMS/Senayan 3.14 (based on SLiMS/senayan3 stable15/Matoa, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 25 Agustus 2011
Portable Senayan 3.13 (based on senayan3 stable14/Seulanga, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 24 Maret 2010
Portable Senayan 3.12 (based on senayan3 stable13 patch2, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 24 Maret 2010
Portable Senayan 3.11 (based on senayan3 stable12, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 24 November 2009
Portable Senayan 3.10 (based on senayan3 stable11, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 17 Oktober 2009
Portable Senayan 3.9 (based on senayan3 stable10 - Patch1, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 22 Juli 2009
Portable Senayan 3.8 (based on senayan3 stable9, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 7 April 2009
Portable Senayan 3.7 (based on senayan3 stable8, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 14 Maret 2009
Portable Senayan 3.6 (based on senayan3 stable7, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 13 Januari 2009
Portable Senayan 3.5 (based on senayan3 stable6, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 21 September 2008
Portable Senayan 3.4 (based on senayan3 stable5, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 18 Agustus 2008
Portable Senayan 3.3 (based on senayan3 stable4, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 1 Juni 2008
Portable Senayan 3.2 (based on senayan3 stable3, MD5SUM, SHA1SUM), 24 Maret 2008
Portable Senayan 3.1 (based on senayan3 stable2, MD5SUM), 21 Maret 2008
Portable Senayan 3.0 (based on senayan3 stable1, MD5SUM), 13 Maret 2008

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